Sustainability and social responsibility are ongoing commitments for the bide team and we are dedicated to the responsibility we have as a business to use best practices.  We create our products responsibly to ensure our business is good for people and our planet. We operate ethically to minimise our environmental footprint and to promote positive social practices across our business.  

bide is rated Ethical Consumer Magazine 'Best Buy', B Corp social enterprise.



We believe in community-made produce.  

bide planet is a female-founded business with an extremely diverse group of workers. All of our items are hand-made, hand-finished, pressed and packaged on our home manufacturing network's kitchen table. The majority of our workers live in the immediate neighbourhood of our fulfilment centre to reduce carbon emissions. Everybody works in good conditions (their own home!) and is paid a fair living wage. We adhere to all UK standards and labour laws.



Our aim is to create products that don't harm the planet or the people who inhabit it. All of our products are chemical free, vegan and non-toxic.

We choose to keep very little stock and we don't turn to big factories to order, so as to minimise waste. bide doesn't require water to manufacture and mostly use energy generated from the home manufacturer's bodies to make our goods. We constantly re-buy to minimise wastage, hence why the subscription model is so important for our stock forecasting. We recycle our waste and use biodegradable refuse sacks when we do so.



Our raw materials are sourced from Leaping Bunny certified UK suppliers.



Our packaging uses environmentally sustainable and recycled materials, including cornstarch, which will decompose over time. We have positioned our fulfilment centre close to where most deliveries occur to reduce our wastage. We have also launched unpackaged versions of our products to allow bulk buying, reducing our carbon footprint even further.


    We have already made significant changes to help minimise our environmental impact and our focus is to continue to do so wherever we can. We hope you will join us on the journey.